Buddha Purnima Wishes

Happy Buddha Purnima wishes, quotes, and greetings for 2023

It’s time to send Buddha Purnima Wishes to express your feelings with ease. As Buddha Purnima festival approaching, so it is a great opportunity to share quotes & greetings about love and peace in everyone’s Life.

Why is Buddha Purnima Celebrated

Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti, is observed as the day of birth of Gautam Buddha who was the creator of Buddhism. There is also a belief that this is the day on which Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Each year this auspicious day is celebrated on a night of full moon generally between April to May. Those who believe in Buddha, they visit the Mahabodhi Temple situated in Bodh Gaya, Bihar to pray.

Buddha Purnima Wishes

Happy Buddha Purnima wishes, quotes, and greetings

Well guys don’t wait, just copy the below given text messages and share the some of the best and lovely buddha Purnima wishes & greetings as well as Lord Buddha’s inspirational quotes with your loved ones.

On Buddha Purnima On this day, may be the divine grace and blessings from Lord Buddha forever be with you. Happy Buddha Jayanti

Happy wishes to all of you on this most auspicious Day of the Buddha Purnima!

Let the wisdom of Lord Buddha give us a sense of peace and fill us with faith in these difficult times. Buddha Purnima ki Shubhkamanye!

“Every morning , we are born again. The actions we take today are the most important thing.”

The Lord Buddha take away the obstacles that hinder our lives. A happy Buddha’s Jayanti for you and all your loved ones.

“Suffering isn’t the only thing that is holding you back, it’s you who are being held by the burden of suffering.”

Buddham Saranam Gacchami | Dhamma Saranam Gacchami | Sangham Saranam Gacchami… Happy Buddha Purnima!

“Believe absolutely nothing, regardless of the source or who said it, or even if I’ve said it except if it’s in accordance with your own logic and normal sense.”

On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, here’s we wish you peace and happiness, as well as good health and prosperity.

“Happiness is not dependent on the things you own or the person you are. It’s all in your perception of.”

“The problem is that you think that you’re in control.”

“Every morning , we are born again. The actions we take today are the most important thing.”

“In the final analysis, there are only three things that matter in the end: how much you lovedyou, the way you lived your life with grace and how effortlessly your release of those things that were not intended for you.”

“Your brain is an very powerful thing. When you begin filtering the thought with positive thoughts, your life will begin to transform.”

“Avoid the sins of an individual who is a lover of life, avoids poison.”

“To not lie is fundamentally healthy.”

“Your job is to identify your passion before you decide with all your energy devote yourself completely the task.”

“You only lose what you hold onto.”

“It is more effective to defeat yourself than beat a thousand opponents. It is then yours. The victory cannot be taken away from you.”

“Learn this from the water”: loud splashes of water but the depth of the ocean is quiet.”

“I do not see what has been accomplished, I only look at what needs to be completed.”

“If you had known what I’ve learned regarding the importance of generosity, you’d never allow a single meal to pass without giving it away in some way.”

“It is more effective to be a winner than to beat a thousand opponents. This is the moment you can claim victory. The victory cannot be taken away from you Not by angels nor demons, nor by hell or heaven.”

“No regardless of how difficult you’ve had to go in the past, you’ll always begin again.”

“Your most dangerous enemy can’t cause harm more than your thoughts that are unguarded.”

“You won’t suffer for the rage you have. the punishment you receive will come because of the fury you display.”

“If you light an e-lamp for someone you love, it will also lighten your way.”

So guys these are some of the famous and best Buddha Purnima quotes. You can send this to everyone and encourage about finding happiness and being at peace with nature.

If you have anything else to share regarding Happy Buddha Purnima wishes then let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others – GO FOR PEACE!!

Author: Hare Krishna