Happy Dree festival of Arunachal Pradesh

Happy Dree festival of Arunachal Pradesh

Dree festival or tree festival is a popular agricultural festival of Arunachal Pradesh which is celebrated by Apatani Tribe every year on July 5.

This is the greatest event that Apatani celebrates, and it has been distinguished by sacrifices and prayers. This celebration is observed on July 5th, and the Ziro district of Arunachal Pradesh is where you may see this lucky festival.

On the occasion of Dree, Apatani prays to the 5 gods to bring about a plentiful crop season:

  • Tamu – It is propitiated to ward off the insects and pests..
  • Metii – It is propitiated to ward off epidemics and other ailments of the human beings.
  • Meder – It is a purification ritual performed to cleanse the agricultural fields of unfavorable elements.
  • Mepiñ – It is performed to seek blessings for healthy crops and well-being of mankind.
  • Danyi – Danyi is also propitiated for fertility of the soil, abundance of aquatic lives in the rice fields, healthy cattle and for prosperity of all human beings.

Earlier, the Danyi was not performed during the Dree rituals, it was for first time introduced in 1967 a to sacrifice a Mithun donated by Late Millo Kacho.

Women and children dress in traditional attire to joyfully celebrate this three-day agricultural celebration.

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One of the best events in Arunachal Pradesh is the Dree festival which is famous for unique practice of wet rice cultivation.

At this feast, tasty and tangy rice and millet beer are prepared in every household and later given to loved ones as a token of love. The whole event is then followed by tribal dances and songs called Damingda.

The songs are sung to welcome the God.

Additionally, it can be seen as an intriguing holiday in Arunachal because guests and participants are given cucumbers as part of the celebration; this represents the holiness of vegetables and probably for prosperous agriculture.

Games and sports are actively played over the course of the three-day event, providing entertainment.

In Arunachal Pradesh, you may always attend this festival to take in the color, feasts, and rituals of its rich cultural history.

So guys next if anybody ask abhanthi community dree festival celebrated by which state? I hope you can answer very confidently that it is Arunachal Pradesh.

This is the festival celebrated each and every year for bumper harvest!

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Author: Hare Krishna