Happy New Year In Spanish

Happy New Year in Spanish, Images, Banners, GIF

Again, the new beginning with new goals and here is how to wish happy new year in Spanish to your loved ones on 1 January.

We wish you a Happy New Year and if you have been looking for how do you say happy new year in Spanish then we got a list of ideas, text messages and wallpaper that you can send and wish your friends.

Happy New Year In Spanish

How to Say Happy New Year In Spanish?

The Spanish tradition started in the early 1900s. Spain had a very good year with grape production so people had too many grapes and they had nothing to do with them… being Spaniards they came up with the idea of making an absurd tradition out of it.

The people gathered around the towns’ clocks all over Spain and at midnight when the clock sounds 12 times for the last time that year, they ate one grape for each time it sounded.

A lot of people want to wish Spanish friends in their local language. So if you have friends in USA, UK, then this how to wish new year in Spanish.

Feliz año nuevo

If you want to wish in advance then this is how to say in Spanish  – feliz año nuevo por adelantado.

We have also arranged some of the best banners, GIF, and images which you can send to your Spanish friends and surprise them!

Happy New Year Images in Spanish

Happy New Year GIFs

New year event is a most awaited event and celebrated by every people in the whole World. So on this special day you can send the Feliz año nuevo pictures and GIF images. Your friends and family members will love this!

If you have anything to share please let use know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share New Years wishes in Spanish to your loved ones.

Author: Hare Krishna