How to Celebrate Basant Panchami

How to Celebrate Basant Panchami

The way to celebrate Basant Panchami is different in each and every state of India, however the purpose to celebrate it is same. The festival  of Basant Panchami falls each year in the month of Jan /Feb as per English calendar or in the Magh month on Panchami as per Hindu calendar.

When Basant panchmai comes each and every person celebrates it in their way which we have mentioned below. But as I earlier said, the purpose to celebrate it  is same which begins with Maa Sarswati Pooja. It is believed that Maa Saraswati, the goddess of music, art and knowledge, was born on the day. That is why people worship Maa Saraswati every year on this day and seek her blessings, so that they can achieve success in life.

To celebrate this event, the elders or (everyone) take the bath, wear the yellow cloths, cook yellow food and worship Maa Sarsawati at home or in the temple. It has been seen that some people arrange the pooja at home. They invite hindu priest (Pandit ji) for pooja, so they can worship Maa Sarsawati in right way and ends it with Sarsawati Vandna! (You can know about exact date and time of Basant Panchmi for this year here now)

The celebration of Basant Panchami doesn’t here…

At home the kids fly the kites. The colony or society children, they all come together on the rooftop and start flying the kites of different varieties and colours. Participants try to cut the strings of their opponents’ kites using their own kite and sharp manja. The last kite remaining in the sky is considered the winner.

Apart from that the teens (having age 18 to 29), they scale up the enjoyment and bring place the speakers on roof, connect it with mobile and dance all day till the evening. They also fly kites, eat snacks, drink lassi, juice and dance all day on the latest hindi / punjabi / or local music with friends and family members.

The elders are not behind, they also go to park or in open space and enjoy the yellow color of trees with other members of the same age. It is usually seen the old age people play card games and enjoy the true flavor of basant panchami.

This is not about the male, the female also enjoy a lot in this day. They cook delicious food, create rangoli, fly kites and dance on the music too. Additionally, they often wear yellow attire, participate in Saraswati Puja at temples and educational institutions, and engage in cultural programs showcasing their talents in music and dance.

Whatever I have explained about how basant panchami is celebrated? It is just a piece of cake. If you will travel in India in different states from North to South, or East to West you will find variations which make this festival unique and fun loving among everyone from young to old one.

Please comment below how do you celebrate the Basant Panchami festival? Give your feedback below and don’t forget to share it with others.

Author: Hare Krishna