Sassoon dock art festival

Sassoon dock art festival

If you are a culture enthusiast or someone who simply loves discovering new things, then one event you must add to your calendar is the Sassoon Dock Art Festival.

The festival takes place in Mumbai, India, and is a celebration of the cultural, heritage, and artistic richness that is unique to the city. The festival is an annual event that brings together artists from various fields, providing a platform for creativity and expression.

In this blog post, we will explore what the Sassoon Dock Art Festival is all about and how you can experience the culture and heritage of Mumbai through it.

History of Sassoon Dock

Before we dive into the festival, it is essential to understand the history of Sassoon Dock.

Built-in 1875, Sassoon dock is one of the first wet docks in Mumbai. It was named after the Sassoon family, who had made significant contributions to the development of Mumbai’s infrastructure.

The dock played a central role in the fishing industry in Mumbai, and its existence has helped shape the city’s culture.

The Art Festival

The Sassoon Dock Arts Project, organized by the St+art Foundation, began in 2017.

It is a public art project that takes art out of closed galleries onto the streets, offering an immersive experience for the public. The project saw involvement from numerous national and international artists, photographers, musicians, and more.

Today, the festival has become an annual event in Mumbai, and each year, it attracts an increasing number of visitors from all over the world.

Art and Culture

The festival has given the traditional fishing village a newer, vibrant hue and an opportunity to experience art form from, both renowned and upcoming artists. As we walk around, we find a various installation, murals, photography, music, and much more. The art installations are magnificent and one of kind, ranging from large, immersive pieces to small, intricate installations. Each installation represents the artist’s idea, thought process, and reflects the unique culture and heritage of Mumbai.

The Power of Art

To celebrate art and culture, the event did an excellent job of bringing together individuals from various regions of Mumbai who come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

It has evolved into a stage where artists can exhibit their skills while also communicating an important message that has the potential to alter people’s perspectives. It has given people all around the world a new perspective on public art and the responsibility that comes with it in terms of conveying an essential message that has the potential to alter society.


The Sassoon Dock Art Festival is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in immersing themselves in the culture and heritage of Mumbai. The festival is not just about art; it is about celebrating the city’s history and culture.

The festival has something for everyone, be it art enthusiasts, photographers, music lovers, or even someone who is just looking to experience something new. The festival and the installations are a reminder of the power of art and how it has the ability to bring people together and transform communities.

If you have not yet attended the festival, it is time you should plan a trip and experience this unique celebration of art and culture.


Q1: What is the Sassoon Dock Art Festival?

A1: The Sassoon Dock Art Festival is a captivating celebration that fuses artistic expression with the maritime heritage of Mumbai. It transforms the historic Sassoon Dock into a vibrant canvas, where art, culture, and heritage intertwine against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. This unique event welcomes artists, enthusiasts, and the curious to immerse themselves in a visual and sensory extravaganza, showcasing the dynamic spirit of the city.

Q2: What is the ticket price for Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2024?

A2: The ticket prices for the Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2024 vary based on the pass type chosen. Ranging from one-day passes to comprehensive full-festival passes, attendees can customize their experience according to their preferences and schedules. This allows you to explore the vibrant urban art scene at your pace and comfort.

For the ticket price is free, but can’t say what amount will be charged from visitors!

Q3: What are the timings of the Mumbai Urban Art Festival?

A3: The Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2023 is thoughtfully designed to cater to all, whether you’re a daytime explorer or a nocturnal art enthusiast. The festival typically commences in the late morning and extends into the night, embracing the city’s vibrant energy at different times of the day.

  • Gate opens at: 11:00 AM
  • Gate closes at: 10:00 PM

Q4: How can I register for the Sassoon Dock Art Festival?

A4: Registering for the Sassoon Dock Art Festival is a seamless process. Head over to the festival’s official website, where you’ll find a user-friendly interface guiding you through the registration process. Whether you’re an artist, performer, or eager volunteer, the website will assist you in selecting your preferred level of involvement, be it showcasing your artwork, conducting workshops, or contributing to the festival’s operations.

Q5: What are the timings and entry fee for the Sassoon Dock Art Festival?

  • Entry fee: Free
  • Gate opens at: 11:00 AM
  • Gate closes at: 10:00 PM

Q6: Do I have to be fully vaccinated (2 doses) to attend the festival?

Yes, you need to be fully vaccinated to attend the exhibition. Please keep your vaccine certificate handy (both doses).  You can even download it from the covid 19 portal and keep the pdf copy in mobile and show it whenever required.

Q7: Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the festival is wheelchair accessible, but only for the ground floor of every venue at Sassoon Docks. You can ask for it at the helpdesk.

Q8: What is the age limit to attend the event?

The festival is open to all ages.

Q9: What kind of ID do I need?

Please carry any valid and government approved ID card – such as a passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or driver’s license, employee ID, student ID.

Q10: Is alcohol being served at the venue? If not, can I bring my own alcohol?

We will not be selling alcohol and bringing of alcohol is prohibited at the venue.

Q11: Will you check my bag at the entry?

We will check bags at entry to ensure that there are no dangerous and illegal elements in your bag. The safety of our patrons is of the utmost importance to us.

Q12: What time does the event start and end each day?

The Festival is open from Wednesday to Friday.

On weekdays the festival is open from 12 noon to 10pm

On weekends is open from 11am- 10pm

Entry closes at 9pm on all days.

On December 31st, 2023 the festival closes at 6pm. Entry closes at 5pm.

Q13: Is parking available at the festival?

No, there is no parking available at the venue, however drops off at the entry are allowed.

Q14: Does the venue accept cashless payments?

Yes, we are accepting cashless payments at our merchandise shop and for on the spot workshop registrations. We recommend you pre register for the workshop of your choice online to avoid being disappointed if they sell out.

Q15: Is the venue pet friendly?

Yes, but do make sure they’re habituated to loud noises and crowds in public spaces. We want them to have just as much fun as you!

Q16: What is the festival handles and is there an official hashtag?

Yes! Don’t forget to tag us at @startindia @asianpaints and be sure to use #StartMUAF when posting!

Author: Hare Krishna