Kalki Jayanti

Kalki Jayanti – History, Date, Celebration, Wishes and Images

Kalki Jayanti is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s 10th avatar named, Kalki.

It is believed that when chaos and tyranny prevail in the world, Lord Vishnu reincarnates himself as Kalki to restore order and justice and will fight with the Kali!

On the occasion of Kalki Jayanti, Hindus come together to celebrate Lord Vishnu’s victory over evil.

And this festival is celebrated every year in the month of July or August on Shashthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month shravan, just after the festival of Teej.

What is Kalki Jayanti?

The Hindu celebration of Kalki Jayanti takes place on the date that commemorates the birth of Lord Vishnu’s tenth incarnation, known as Kalki.

At the conclusion of the Kali Yuga, also known as the period we are currently living in, it is widely held belief that Lord Vishnu will reappear as the deity Kalki. People have a strong belief that he will return to earth on a white horse, brandishing a sword while wearing gleaming golden armor, and with the intention of restoring justice and order everywhere.

So to celebrate the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Kalki Jayanti is observed every year on on Shashthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month shravan.

Why is Kalki Jayanti Celebrated?

Kalki Jayanti is observed by some Hindus as a time to reflect on the significance of Lord Kalki’s impending arrival and the hope for a better future. It’s an occasion for prayers, rituals, and devotional practices, much like other Hindu festivals. While not as widely celebrated as festivals dedicated to other incarnations of Lord Vishnu like Rama or Krishna, Kalki Jayanti holds deep spiritual significance for those who follow the belief in the ten avatars of Vishnu.

When is Kalki Jayanti Celebrated?

Kalki Jayanti is celebrated annually on the 6th day of Shukla Paksha in the month Shravan. As per the Gregorian calendar, this day falls on either July or August every year and this year in 2023 it will be celebrated on 22 August (Tuesday).

On this auspicious occasion, devotees go to temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, where they participate in special prayers and pujas, seeking blessings for a virtuous life and a brighter future. Some People chant the various mantras of Lord Vishnu such as the Shree Hari Stotram, Vishnu Sahastranam and Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye Mantra 108 times.

Many choose to observe fasting as a way to purify their minds and bodies, and scriptures describing Lord Kalki’s prophecy are recited, offering spiritual insights and inspiration. Discourses by religious scholars shed light on the significance of the day and the values Lord Kalki embodies. Processions and parades, often featuring reenactments of mythological scenes, showcase the anticipation of Kalki Avatar’s arrival.

In addition to tha the charitable activities, cultural events, and decorations contribute to the festive atmosphere, while moments of reflection and meditation encourage devotees to align themselves with the principles of righteousness upheld by Lord Kalki.

Kalki Jayanti is a time of unity, spirituality, and contemplation, reminding believers of the imminent dawn of a new era of truth and virtue.

What is Kalki Jayanti Date?

  • 2023 Tuesday, 22nd of August
  • 2024 Saturday, 10th of August
  • 2025 Wednesday, 30th of July
  • 2026 Monday, 17th of August
  • 2027 Saturday, 7th of August

Happy Kalki Jayanti Wishes

  1. “On this auspicious day of Kalki Jayanti, may the divine energy of Lord Kalki guide you towards a life filled with virtue, positivity, and prosperity. Happy Kalki Jayanti!”
  2. “Wishing you a joyful Kalki Jayanti! May the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu bless you with the strength to overcome challenges and embrace righteousness.”
  3. “As we celebrate Kalki Jayanti, may the impending arrival of Lord Kalki fill your heart with hope and anticipation for a better world. Happy Kalki Jayanti!”
  4. “May the essence of Kalki Jayanti inspire you to walk the path of truth, justice, and compassion. Let’s welcome the age of righteousness with open hearts. Happy Kalki Jayanti!”
  5. “On this special day of Kalki Jayanti, may Lord Kalki’s blessings illuminate your life, bringing an end to darkness and leading you towards a brighter future. Happy Kalki Jayanti!”
  6. “As Lord Kalki’s divine presence draws near, may you find solace in his message of hope and transformation. Wishing you a blessed Kalki Jayanti filled with positivity and spirituality.”
  7. “Happy Kalki Jayanti! May the impending advent of Lord Kalki inspire us to cleanse our hearts, renew our spirits, and work towards a world driven by righteousness.”
  8. “On this Kalki Jayanti, may the power of Lord Kalki’s grace empower you to stand against injustice and herald a new era of goodness. Wishing you a meaningful and joyous celebration!”
  9. “As we commemorate Kalki Jayanti, let’s reflect on the significance of Lord Kalki’s mission and strive to make our lives a reflection of his teachings. Have a blessed Kalki Jayanti!”
  10. “Wishing you a Happy Kalki Jayanti! May this divine occasion fill your life with divine blessings, renewed purpose, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.”


Where is Kalki Avatar Now?

According to Hindu beliefs, the Kalki Avatar, the 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is yet to appear on Earth. Kalki Avatar is prophesied to arrive in the future to restore righteousness and bring an end to the current age of darkness and chaos.

Is Kalki Avatar already on Earth?

No, as per Hindu scriptures and beliefs, Kalki Avatar has not yet manifested on Earth. Kalki Avatar is anticipated to appear in the future, during a time of great turmoil, to establish a new era of truth and virtue.

Which year will Kalki be born?

Lord Kalki will take birth in Uttar Pardesh, India but the exact year of Kalki’s birth is not specified in Hindu scriptures, and there is no specific date predicted for the arrival of Kalki Avatar. It is considered a divine event that will occur at a time determined by cosmic forces and divine will.

Which day is Kalki Jayanti?

Kalki Jayanti is celebrated on 6th day of Shukla Paksha in the month Shravan, which falls between July and Augus in the Gregorian calendar. The date varies each year based on the Hindu lunar calendar.

What is the significance of Kalki Jayanti?

Kalki Jayanti holds significance as it commemorates the anticipated birth of Lord Kalki, the future incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

It is a time for believers to reflect on the arrival of Kalki Avatar, who is prophesied to bring an end to darkness and chaos, restoring righteousness and virtue. The celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding dharma (righteousness) and looking forward to a more virtuous future.

It is a day of prayer, devotion, and contemplation for those who follow this belief.

Author: Hare Krishna