How to find out what festival is today

Today Festival: How to find out what festival is today?

Festivals are an important part of cultures around the world. They are a celebration of history, traditions, religion, and much more. Attending a festival can be a great way to learn about the local culture and meet new people. But with so many festivals happening around the world, it can be tough to keep track what festival is today.

Luckily, there are several ways to find out what festival is happening on any given day. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most reliable methods to stay informed about festivals, so you can take off from your job and enjoy the festival with friends and family members in evening.

1) Check Calendars Online

One of the easiest ways to find out what festival is happening is to check online calendars that list events by dates. Websites like, have calendars that are regularly updated with upcoming festivals, holidays, and events. You can search for festivals by country or region, and the websites usually provide additional information about the festival, including its history and significance.

Even the best way to know what festival is today is just visit the and type “what festival is today.” As per your current location, gps settings you will get answer and you can also check the upcoming festival like what festival is tomorrow, festivals of this week or month!!

2) Use Social Media

Another way to find out about festivals is through social media. Many festivals have an official Facebook or Twitter page, where they post regular updates about the festival’s schedule, lineup, and other details. You can also use hashtags related to the festival to search for posts and photos from other users who are attending the festival. Additionally, following bloggers or influencers who cover festivals can also be a great way to discover new and exciting events.

3) Ask the Local Tourism Board

The local tourism board or information center is a reliable source of information about festivals taking place in the area. You can visit their website or call them to inquire about festivals. They usually have a list of upcoming events and can provide you with brochures, maps, and other materials to help you plan your visit.

4) Consult With Travel Guides

Travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and Frommers are good resources when looking for festivals. These guides usually provide an overview of the country and its cultural events. They may also have a month-by-month section that lists festivals taking place at that time of the year. You can purchase travel guides online or find them at any major bookstore.

5) Attend Local Markets

Attending local markets with handmade crafts or traditional items can help you learn about the local festivals happening. As many market vendors are locals, they usually have posters promoting the upcoming festivals on their stalls. Besides, some of these sellers also participate in the festivals in some way, and they are great sources of information about them.


Whether you’re interested in food, music, art, or culture, there is always a festival for you.

With the methods mentioned above, you can easily find out what festival is happening in your area or a place you plan to visit. Remember to do your own research and always double-check the information you gather. Keep in mind that festivals can change or get postponed due to various reasons.

So, be flexible in your planning and enjoy the experience of discovering new and exciting festivals.

Author: Hare Krishna