World health day theme, speech, quotes and images for 2022

World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness and WHO anniversary day where we talk interconnectedness between the planet and our health. It is an initiative to raise awareness about the overall health and well-being of people across the world. So, if you would like to know more than keep reading below.

World health day is celebrated on which date?

World health day is celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO).  This is a very good initiative where authorities discuss about the current situation of health regarding the people and planet.

It was first observed in the year 1948 (don’t get confused with world mental health day). And since 1948 we are celebrating this day at big level and discuss about the health hazard, so we can aware the world about this and we also see how we can make our better!

World Health Day

World health day theme 2022 – Our Planet Our Health

Every year, for this day the theme chosen is one which highlights an area of concern for WHO. In light of the current pandemic, the pollution of our world, and an ever-increasing prevalence of illnesses, the theme of World Health Day 2022 is Our Planet and our HealthThis message from PAHO as well as the WHO and its partners offers a unique chance for an eco-friendly as well as healthy recovery of COVID-19, which puts the health of the individual as well as the environment at the heart of all initiatives and creates a trend to build a society that is that are focused on health.

Why World health day is Important?

In recent years, improvements in the provision of health services and environmental protection, as well as economic development, and many other aspects have contributed to improvement in the general health of the population throughout the Region of the Americas. However, it is estimated that one million premature deaths each year is due to unavoidable environmental risks.

Water contamination, air pollution insufficient sanitation, including the management of solid waste, risk from certain toxic chemicals and negative consequences on climate change represent among the most significant environmental public health risks in the region. The health risks to the public are further aggravated by weak governance practices and the possibility of health inequities and by the lack of management, expertise and resources available in health care.

Yet, this topic of Our Planet Our Health ought to serve as an important reminder how a lot of these issues is beyond the sole responsibility of the health sector consequently the most effective solution requires a whole-of government and whole- of-society solutions.

It is expected that this World Health Day event will showcase the vision of the Region with inspirational stories from countries of the Americas about the initiatives take to create the world with fresh air, clean drinking water and sanitation. A world where healthy food options are available for all cities can be livable, economies are resilient to climate change, and centered on health and wellbeing. In addition, they contribute to a world in which everyone, even those in situations that are vulnerable, can be happier, healthier and prosper.

World Health Day Speech

Today, I’m here to give a speech on the world health day. Health in human life is crucial. “Health can be described as wealth”. If a person is rich and his health poor, then there is no need of his wealth. To lead a healthy and healthy life, people must be healthy.

Health is the main reason for many of the things that happen in the world, like work stress, anxiety, thoughts etc. If one is healthy, he will perform very well at the workplace or at work and will be free of numerous illnesses and will be emotionally relaxed and healthy.

For optimal health, a balanced diet as well as exercising should be followed. World Health Day, to recognize the importance of healthy living and to make people aware of the importance of health, is celebrated globally on the 7th of April each year. Health is important to everyone particularly for children. The majority of the time, children attend the preschool and kindergarten the school. Many diseases are infectious, and are easily snared when they’re with others in the school.

It is crucial to educate students on the importance of good behavior and overall well-being. This is why a variety of contests, activities, and events like essay writing, quizzes exhibit, speeches etc. These were all held during World Health Day to raise awareness about the importance of health for pre-school, school and college students.

I want to urge everyone to take advantage of the World Health Day to pay attention to your health. Make time to work out in a day. Develop healthy eating routines. If possible, you can cook your own meals.

World Health Day Quotes 2022

On this special day you can also aware your friends and family members by sending these awesome quotes or slogans. Pick the best one of your choice and sent it on WhatsApp, FB!

  1. Wish all my fellow brothers a very happy Wórld Hēalth day. Stay healthy and stay blessed.
  2. Prevention is better than cure. So always go for cures more than drugs – Happy Wórld Hēalth Day
  3. An unhappy soul can kill you faster than a disease. Happy Wórld Hēalth Day
  4. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, die gracefully. Happy Wórld Hēalth Day
  5. Health gives hope, hope gives life. – Stay healthy Stay Safe
  6. There is freedom in frees you from illness. Happy Wórld Hēalth day
  7. You can look and feel good, if you have a good health. Happy Wórld Hēalth day.
  8. Staying healthy is physical, emotional, and social. Stay healthy. Happy Wórld Hēalth day
  9. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul is staying healthy. Happiest Hēalth day.
  10. Health is the only wealth that we all want to earn it.
  11. Have more veggies to a better system and health!!!

So, guys this is all about World health day 2022. If you have any questions then let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others!!